Monday, 1 September 2014


I've arrived in Dubrovnik!  I'll be here for three and a half weeks, and I'm hoping and intending to post something each day about what I find in the archives.  I'm here to look at some of the evidence for slavery in medieval Dubrovnik, and I'm particularly interested in the ways in which it was framed legally - how legal terminology and formulae worked, where legal frameworks overlapped with moral and religious ones, where 'legalese' provided useful moral obfuscation, and when legal loopholes were advantageous.

The archives are kept in the Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik.  I have had such an exciting day!  It is the most beautiful building - really quite exquisite.  The archivists are exceptionally friendly and helpful.  The documents are absolutely fascinating...  

Sponza palace, Dubrovnik, image from wikicommons
When I emerged from the archives, my little boy told me that I'd been 'very naughty'.  But I'm thankfully now forgiven, and we're enjoying an epic thunder-storm.

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