Monday, 4 July 2016

EU solidarity letter

One of the many aspects of Brexit which distresses me is the sense that many of our European counterparts may feel betrayed or judge Britain as a whole because of the result.

Together with colleagues, I have therefore written open letter to our European friends - it has been submitted to major European newspapers (and so far, has appeared here), to remind our European friends, colleagues and neighbours, that many of us continue to feel emphatically European and to believe that the EU project, however flawed, is idealistically worthwhile.

If you agree with the sentiments, please do sign the letter at
It is translated into German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovakian, Latvian and Romanian.

It would be great if you could mention in the comment section on the petition whether you were entitled to vote - we want everyone to have a voice, but we would also like to preempt any criticism and to be entirely open.

What is left to do at the moment? - to continue hopeful, to maintain solidarity, and to live our values of openness, tolerance and enthusiasm for the richness of cultures and dialogue.

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